Rainbow Poker


What is Rainbow Poker™?

Rainbow Poker™ is a new type of poker where the best hand is the Royal Rainbow instead of the Royal Flush.  Instead of 4 ways to get a Royal Flush with each suite, the Royal Rainbow only has one single combination of a single card from each color suite as shown on our logo.  

All proceeds for the sale of Rainbow Poker™ decks go to support community projects.  We support the evolution of humanity through open collaboration and unification of people and movements, separation of powers, and the democratic trilogy.  For more information about our network: http://UnityNet.info

Currently Rainbow Poker is only offered off-line using Rainbow Poker™ Decks. You can order a deck here, starting at $10 and play at home or in your community.  Contact us if you are interested in setting up a local Rainbow Poker™ tournament or community poker gathering in your area.

"Home of the Royal Rainbow"